Welcome to summer 2017! Camp Charger is back and better than ever, and we are challenging you to not only have summer vacation, but to take it on! Challenge yourself – be creative, innovative, daring and silly at Camp Charger this summer. It will be jam-packed fun, learning and trying new things!


The morning is called Brain Blast, and that’s what we are going to do! It’s from 8:15am–12:15pm and there are three classes based around school type things. But this is NOT school – we build catapults, play games, eat wacky snacks, do experiments, and a ton of other things. Every day is an adventure, and each one is different from the next!

The afternoon is called Activity Adventure, and you are in for an epic adventure in fun! It’s from 12:45pm–5:00pm and there are three classes based around hobbies or sports. All of the classes are different based on what you like or are interested in, and it’s up to you what you choose. When you register, you will pick some options for classes and since they are all awesome classes with great teachers, you are going to have a blast! You will build, create, play, and maybe even get a little messy!


This year there are two sessions:  June 19th–23rd and June 26th–June 30th. You can come for one, or both, whatever works for you. (You are going to want to come to both, let’s be serious!) You can come for as much (or as little) time as you want. Activities are scheduled as classes and you can take one class, or six! It’s up to you, your parents, and your summer schedule (and your sense of adventure).

If you need to get dropped off early, want to stay for the whole day, or stay late to play, we have all of those options. Check the Classes and Register pages for information and costs. If you stay for Brain Blast and Activity Adventure, you need to pack a lunch each day – we will eat and then play games until our afternoon starts!


Got questions? We’ve got answers! Contact Anna Hyatt, Camp Director, for more information.

[email protected] | 409-765-9391